Wiggly Party!

We will miss having our special break and some music and games on our last day before the mid-term, so here are a few tunes from The Wiggles that the children have enjoyed dancing to in the classroom on other occasions! They are brilliant at doing all the actions,especially 'Rock-a-bye your Bear' and 'Point your fingers and do the twist'! 

The following is a small selection from our music playlist that they also love when we are playing 'Musical Statues'. You can find these songs on Youtube or Spotify and play at home if you need some fun after the tremendous effort everyone has put into home learning over the past few weeks!

George Ezra: Shot gun

George Ezra: Paradise

Queen: We will rock you

Tones and I: Dance monkey

Madagascar soundtack: I like to move it 

P.S. Grown ups should also join in, because who doesn't love a kitchen disco?!