The Three Little Pigs

As part of this week's home learning, our story focus is on 'The Three Little Pigs ' and there are lots of activities in your pack to support this. This is a perfect story to encourage your child to get involved as their are so many repetitive phrases from 'Little pig, little pig, let me come in!' to 'Well I'll huff and I'll puff ...and I'll blow your house down!' ....Make sure there is plenty of 'Huffing and Puffing' as we know from telling this story in Greengables that the children are super at this! You can also have great fun using different voices for the pigs (high pitched and squeaky!) and the wolf (a little bit gruff)!

The children can get creative decorating, gluing and sticking their own houses and pigs to use as story props to help them retell the story in their own words! Stir up their imagination and ask what the pigs' names? What else could they make a house from? Are the pigs in the story different to real pigs? etc.

'Little pigs I spy and Counting' will promote observational and mathematical skills, for example, by asking Can you help me find all the pigs with the red hat? Let's count them!" Or "Can you spot the big bad wolf? How many do you think we will find? " 

The Children can be encouraged to look at the different homes in the story and what they are made of. Is there anything the children could make a house from such as junk or items that usually go into the recycling bin? Cereal/egg boxes and kitchen roll tubes, cartons and bottle tops/lids and bottles and straws are some of the children's favourite items to make creations from when they are in Greengables! The children might even find some sticks to add to it when they are on their 'Outdoor Scavenger Hunt'!

Construction toys such as wooden blocks or lego bricks would also be perfect!... If you are feeling very brave you might even build a den in the living room with cushions and blankets... but only if the children promise to help tidy up afterwards!

As always, it's all about having fun and there is no pressure at all! Enjoy and let us know how you get on, we have really enjoyed seeing all their home learning photos!


Click below for episodes of the BBC's 'Come outside', which support the children's learning relating to the Three Little Pigs story. The link is to 'Come Outside TV' channel on youtube, the series ran in the 90's and some of the grown ups at home might even remember it! 

Bricks: In this episode, Auntie Mabel and her dog Pippin go on an adventure to find out how bricks are made and they also visit a building site were pippin gets into a bit of trouble! We have lots of keen builders in Greengables who will definitely enjoy this episode, why not get some Lego or building blocks out afterwards and have a go at making some houses for the little pigs. If you have large blocks you can encourage the children to build some bigger walls, see how long or how high they can make them!

Boxes: In this episode Auntie Mabel and her dog Pippin move house! Then when the van is being packed, Pippin goes missing! Auntie Mable talks about lots of different types of boxes and what they are used for, see how many types of boxes your child can find around the house! Or, if your household has been anything like Greengables this year, we have had lots of boxes and packages delivered! The children really enjoyed flattening them out on the ground to use for mark making and drawing (even drawing round each other!), this is something that can also be done at home with anything from cereal boxes or larger boxes that arrive in the post!