The Gingerbread Man

As part of February's home learning, our book of the month is 'The Gingerbread Man' and we have sent lots of activities, that we hope your child will really enjoy, to support this. As with our previous stories, encourage your child to join in, they may already be familiar with the Gingerbread Man's well know phrase "Run, run as fast as you can...You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!"

This story is also a great opportunity to name the different animals that feature in the book, some versions of the story may vary or have additional animals....(and people!) but the outcome is always the same with the sly fox! Before you get to the very end of the story you can ask your child if they think it is a good idea for the Ginger Bread Man to get onto the foxes' back? Or can they guess what the fox might do to The Gingerbread Man if he does get on his back?!

As usual there are a few activities to get the children's creativity flowing, we have included a gingerbread man to decorate and some of the children might like to add on their own items from home too! The children may also using the gingerbread man as a template to make a little family of gingerbread men to decorate and all sorts of junk items can be used such as scrap material, plastic bottle top lids, string etc.... Or if there are any  large boxes at home, they can be opened up to make a Giant (child size!) Gingerbread Man by drawing around your child for them to colour/draw/decorate! Old rolls of wallpaper are also perfect for this activity! 

The children can be encouraged to retell the story in their own words using their 'story map' which will help them remember what happened in the story and in what order. They can also use their decorated gingerbread man during this and they can even add in a few toy animals if they have any! Don't worry if they are not the same as the farm animals in the story, the children can get their imagination going and use anything from bunny rabbits to dinosaurs!

We have also included a game for everyone at home to join in, good for rainy afternoons and when older children need a break to do something fun too! This will help the children develop their counting skills, as well as give them plenty of practice to 'Take turns' with others!

This week's scavenger hunt focuses on counting too, with lots of items to search for around the house! Good luck! Enjoy! Looking forward to seeing all this week's home learning photos! 


Lets practice our singing! Five Gingerbread Men, song lyrics and video by The Kiboomers on Youtube. Click on button for link.

Additional Activities:

The Gingerbread Man E-Book from Twinkl (Click on Gingerbread Man image to open). Big clear pictures and words, perfect if you do not have the story at home to read aloud to your child!