We're Going On A Bear Hunt

As part of January's home learning, our book of the month is 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt', which has lots of opportunities for repetitive words, phrases and sounds! Encourage your child to say the words with you and take part in the actions. If you have the book at home, take time to look at the pictures together and maybe get some Teddy Bears out to join in the adventure and help re-enact the story!  Afterwards, you could even use Teddy to have a Bear Hunt at home by simply hiding the Teddy and have your child search for it safely within the room or in the garden! 

We're Going On A Bear Hunt Yoga helps your child explore a range of movement and will help your child develop their gross motor skills, as well as balance. It will help your child become familiar with positional words and encourage listening and concentration.

In the chart below there are lots of activities that the children can include their teddy bears in: get cosy in the book nook, get moving in the hunts and parachute games or hide and seek, refuel their energy by having a picnic and don't forget to take teddy if you go for a walk outside!