Pre Preschool

     Greengables News Sheet

                January 2021






Welcome back everyone!  We hope you had an enjoyable Christmas and may we wish you a happy and peaceful New Year.  Let’s hope we will reach a turning point in the pandemic and we can all start to feel much safer every day.


We hope you liked the Christmas decorations the children brought home.  We had a very quick, social distanced visit from Santa on our last day.  He stood just inside the door and spoke to the children and they sang his favourite song, Jingle Bells.  A bit sad that he couldn’t come any closer but that was 2020!!  The Punch & Judy show was great.  The kids had a ball and I think it was just what we all needed.  A small bit of normality!


Can I please remind everyone to social distance when dropping off and collecting your children?  You have been great and we don’t feel we need the distance spots anymore.  Also, if your child is feeling unwell at all please keep him or her off school.  We have been quite fortunate so far with no direct outbreaks in class.  Please keep us informed about family members and contacts and if uncertain about anything we can contact the Public Health Agency.  Hopefully we can all stay safe.   


We would like to say a very big thank you to everyone.  Thanks to your generosity through donations & fundraising we have raised enough money for our climbing frame.  We’re hoping it will be here sometime in January.  We have also secured two grants.  One from the Childcare Partnership and one from the Salt Mines in Kilroot.  We have put these together to purchase a large covered gazebo for our outdoor area.  At present we have nowhere to shelter if the rain comes on so this will make a great addition to the area.  It is also due to arrive in January but we are aware these things may be delayed due to lockdown.  We are intending to continue using the outdoor area as often as possible during the winter as we know this is the safest place for us.    Please remember heavy coats, hats, gloves etc.


We are looking forward to the new term and January begins with the following themes –


                     Colours        -         Black/White

                     Shape           -         Triangle

                     Theme          -         Winter / Arctic & Jungle Animals




On Wednesday 20th January we will be holding a “Big Breakfast & Pyjama Day”.  The children and staff wear pyjamas into school.  We provide a big breakfast of cereal, toast, cheese, fruit etc.  It’s just a bit of fun and the

children really enjoy it. 




Applications for the places funded by the Department of Education for September 2021 must now be made online from 12 noon on Thursday 7th – 12 noon on Friday 29th January.  If you need any help with this please speak to me.   I appreciate it is quite early in the academic year to make decisions about September.  For those who are undecided, can I take this opportunity to say that Greengables provides high quality pre-school education equal to that of a nursery school.  As we are partly funded by the Education Authority we therefore follow the same curriculum and guidelines and are inspected using the same procedures as a nursery school.  We also have annual inspections by Social Services.  All staff are highly qualified and constantly update training.  Again, please speak to me or email me if you need any advice regarding this process.



As always, if at any time you are worried about your child in pre-school, please speak to me or a member of staff immediately.


Thank you

Linda Caughey