Greengables (1) Newsletter



Hello everyone


This is a very different newsletter, as really there is no news!!


I hope everyone is keeping safe & well.  I’m sure the children are keeping you busy.  Thank you to everyone for keeping in touch, sending emails & photos.  It has been lovely to see all their little faces.  We really miss them!


Sadly it has just been announced that schools will remain closed until 8th March.  It’s only two more weeks than we were expecting so if it’s going to help keep us and those around us safe then we can get through it.  When the children return we will have four months before the summer, so we will have a busy, productive and fun time.  The progress between September - December was great so we can do this again.  Don’t worry!


Our colour for February is pink and the shape is heart.  The pack contains some craft activities to link with this.  Our story will be The Gingerbread Man and your next pack will contain activities linked to the story.  Have a look at story time on the website.  We are so embarrassed we can’t even watch!! 


We need to know if you are happy with the learning packs/online activities you are receiving.  Please let us know if you have limited access to tablets/internet etc.  We know many of you have older children and appreciate how difficult being the teacher at home can be.  We are purposely trying to plan activities that can be accessed at any time or with the help of older siblings.  Please email to give us your feedback and ideas.  Thank you.  


Finally, I know many people are finding this lockdown harder than the first one.  We don’t have the lovely weather and it feels like this is never ending.  While being in a class of 24 young children might be a nightmare for some, it actually helps the mental health of the staff!  The children may be feeling the same way.  So try to get them outside being physically active as much as you can.  It really helps!  Also be kind to yourself.  This is hard and we are all getting through it the best we can.  No Pressure!!


Take care & keep safe

Linda Caughey