Greengables Pre-school

              May News





I hope everyone enjoyed the

long weekend even if Monday was a bit of a washout.  Remember we are closed for another Bank Holiday on Monday 31st May so hopefully we’ll get a bit of sunshine then!


WOW!!  The Captain Tom fundraiser was amazing!  The children loved completing their 100 star jumps.  I’ve a feeling every time they hear a bell ring they might do ten star jumps!!  So far you have raised £622!!  I know there is more to come so hopefully we can get to £700.  Thank you so much for your support of such a good cause.


We had a visit from Liza from Poppin Pilates.  It was brilliant and the children had a ball.  Lots of movement to music, story telling and fun.  We are having her back on Thursday and then every fortnight until the end of June.  We are also having a visit from Lorraine and Musical Monkeys every two weeks.  The children would normally have had these experiences all year, so we are keeping them very busy in our last term.  At the moment we are focusing on the children’s mental health & well-being so there’s nothing better than getting active to music and having lots of fun!   


We will be having Wacky Hair Day on Friday 21st May.  Anything goes!!  The children can come with coloured hair, a wig, ribbons everywhere, just whatever they like.  Warning, the staff do this as well, so apologies in advance!

In May we will be reading the Hungry Caterpillar and looking for mini beasts.  If you are out for walks with your child please encourage him or her to look for different insects, birds etc. to help with their awareness of the natural world.  Also if you are at the beach please gather some shells to bring to school.  We will be using them in our outdoor area.  Thanks. 


We will continue with lots of outdoor activities so please remember to send a coat each day.  We can have four seasons in the one day!


As you will now know what school your child is to attend in September can you please complete the attached form and return it to me?  We pass information onto your child’s chosen school and also share the end of year reports.  This helps to ease the transition between pre-school and primary school.


If you have any concerns about your child please speak to me at any time.  I know everyone is worried about the move to primary one after missing so much of pre-school this year but remember the children have all had the same experience and they are very resilient.  They will be grand!!


Thank you.


Linda Caughey