Greengables Newsletter

November 2020




We have a busy time ahead with lots of new activities.  Our themes for the month of November are as follows:


Colour  -  Blue                            Book -The Billy Goats Gruff    

Shape            -  Triangle                      Social Skills – Sharing, turn taking, safety

Themes -  Castles/ Fairytales


Again can I ask you to please help your child find something blue in your home and take a photo?  Either print it out and send it in or email it to  The children really loved seeing their photos up on the wall.  We will also be reading lots of traditional stories and the children will get involved using puppets and making craft items.  Sadly our trip to Carrick Castle can’t take place this year but we will still enjoy making crowns, building castles etc.   


A big thank you to all the children (with help from parents) for getting dressed up on our last day.  The costumes were great.  The children had a really good time and I think that’s what we all needed at this very difficult time.


As I’m sure you are aware we normally offer a lunch club to the children in our pre-school class.  This year everything has been turned upside down!  We have decided to delay lunch club until after the Christmas holidays when hopefully everything will have settled a bit.  We will give you more information nearer the time.     



November 16th –November 20th is World Nursery Rhyme Week.  During this week we will be hearing & saying lots of different nursery rhymes.  We will try to pick our Greengables favourite!  Please encourage your child by telling him or her your favourite rhyme.  We all have a special one from childhood!  The class are really enjoying singing & rhyme time and our singing board is being used throughout the day.  Singing & saying rhymes helps with speech, understanding of language, memory recall and also starts to develop literacy skills.  So let’s all enjoy it together!!



Normally at this time of year we start to send our Greengables teddy bears called Bella & Bertie home each weekend.   Again, this can’t happen but we’ve come up with another idea.  Over the next few weeks the children (possibly five children each week) will be given a very, very tiny teddy to keep.  You will also receive a page to tell us about your child’s adventures with the teddy.  Your child will then tell us all about it at circle time.  It will all make sense soon!!


The new order of sweatshirts should be arriving today, so please speak to me if you would like some more.  Thanks.


There’s a selection of photos available on our website.  Just go to Pre-school and you’ll find them.  Enjoy!


Obviously things have been very difficult for everyone this year.  We really appreciate that many people will have been furloughed or even lost jobs due to the pandemic.  We normally have to fundraise quite a bit to keep ticking over.  We are trying a different approach this year.  We have compiled a wish list for anyone who can help out.  This includes some very basic things e.g. ingredients for making play dough, paper etc.  We are also saving for a new outdoor climbing frame/slide.  The one we have is quite old and has started to fall apart so we can no longer use it.  As we are spending so much time outdoors we really miss it.  So if you can help, please supply any of the items on our list or a small cash donation towards our climbing frame.   Thank you.  


Finally, if at any time you are concerned about your child in pre-school, please speak to a member of staff immediately.  It is very important to us that the children not only learn, but also have fun and enjoy their time here.


Thank you for your support and co-operation.

Linda Caughey