Greengables (1) Newsletter



Hello everyone,


It’s February already and as usual it’s a busy month in preschool.  Our new themes are –


Social Skills -        Talking & Listening / Road safety &  safety awareness

Books -                    The Gingerbread Man  /  Giraffes Can’t Dance




We had great fun on our Pyjama day.  Everyone was so relaxed coming to school in their pjs and they thoroughly enjoyed their big breakfast.  These children can really eat!!  We have also been keeping in shape with Poppin’ Pilates and enjoying Musical Monkeys. 




This month we will be focusing again on listening when others speak and taking turns to speak as part of a conversation.  When you’re three or four years old it’s very hard to wait your turn but it is a vital skill to learn before going to school.  Please continue to help the children become more independent with different skills such as putting on their coats and shoes. They are more than capable!!


We will also be talking about road safety, holding hands & keeping safe.  I know I sound like the big bad wolf in the mornings but please reinforce holding hands while the children are waiting to come in.  We have had a few accidents recently before they even get in the door and it’s not a nice way to start the day. 




On Tuesday 1st February we are having a visit from Henry Wee Wheels.  Henry is a disabled therapy dog.  We haven’t met him before so I’m sure we’ll all be very excited!  Can’t wait! 



We have been very fortunate this year as a well-being grant has paid for Poppin Pilates, Musical Monkeys, Casey’s Creatures and resources for our outdoor area.  We are hoping to provide a sensory space in one of our outdoor cabins. We have purchased some items towards this but everything is now so expensive that we can’t get everything we need.  So we are hoping you can help out with our Fundraising Band March on Friday 11th February.  This involves the children making their own instruments and marching around the assembly hall 10 times.  Good fun!  It’s not so much fun brushing up all the peas, pasta & lentils that fall out of the instruments!!   In normal times parents can usually come to watch but we will have to video it this time.  The children are receiving a sponsor form to torture friends and family with!!  Thank you in advance for your support with our fundraising efforts.  




We will be talking about the Chinese New Year at the start of the month.  We may even have some Chinese food and make attempts at using chopsticks.




As I’m sure you are aware schools are in a very difficult situation because of staff shortages and illness due to covid.  We are exactly the same and to be honest, if another member of staff is ill we do not have anyone to cover and a class may have to temporarily close.  If anyone feels they would be able to help out (at short notice) and is willing to have an enhanced vetting check carried out, please speak to me.  If you enjoy, noise, mayhem, tears (only sometimes), fun & laughter, it could be the place for you!!



We will close on Friday 11th February at 11a.m.

We return on Monday 21st February at 9.05a.m.



Finally, always feel free to speak to me at any time if you have concerns about your child in pre-school.


Thank you

Linda Caughey