Greengables Newsletter 

November 2021 


Welcome back everyone. Firstly, can I thank everyone who played their part when we had a covid 19 outbreak in class. We are still in very worrying times and the school environment is the only place where a lot of unvaccinated people are brought together so it would be almost impossible to prevent outbreaks. I know the tests are not pleasant for anyone but a few seconds discomfort is well worth the reassurance it can give to classmates, staff and family members. 

We have a busy time ahead with lots of new activities. Our themes for the month of November are as follows: 

• Book -The Billy Goats Gruff 

• Social Skills - Sharing, turn taking, safety 

• Themes - Castles/ Fairytales 

• Cookery - Making sandwiches 

A big thank you to all the children (with help from parents) for getting dressed up on our last day. The costumes were great. The children had a really good time and for those that missed out, don't worry, we'll do it again soon!



The rescheduled parent interviews will take place on Thursday 4th November (all being well!!!). The same time will still apply. Please come to the back gate and as one person goes out I will bring another one in. Please wear a mask. Thank you. 


We have had a limited response for lunch club. We have decided to have a trial run up until Christmas. It will start on Monday 8th November and will run on a Monday & Wednesday. Your child should bring a healthy packed lunch. They can bring their own drink or we can offer milk or water. Your 

child will finish at 12.45p.m. on Lunch club days. Please speak to me if you would like any more information. 


Normally at this time of year we start to send our Greengables teddy bears called Bella & Bertie home each weekend. Again, due to the ongoing pandemic, this can't happen but we've come up with another idea. There are a lot of pre-loved Teddy Bears in the world and we will be giving some of them (all washed & sanitised), a new home with our boys & girls! A few children each week will receive a teddy bear and they will also receive a page for parents to tell us about their child's adventures with the teddy. Your child will then tell us all about it at circle time. It will all make sense soon!! 


There's a selection of photos available on our website. Just go to Pre-school and you'll find them. Enjoy! 


During this month we will be making calendars. Each year we use this as a fund raiser towards resources for the group. We will display them as soon as they are ready so keep a look out. 

Finally, if at any time you are concerned about your child in pre-school, please speak to a member of staff immediately. It is very important to us that the children not only learn, but also have fun and enjoy their time here. 

Thank you for your support and co-operation. 

Linda Caughey

P.S. Remember to send a coat every day! Keep encouraging your child to put on & take off their coat independently. Achievement certificates are coming!!