Kim's Game

January: Black and White
February: Pink

In Greengables, we like to start off playing Kim's Game with the children during Circle time when the children are settled and find it easier to concentrate! It helps children to develop their memory skills and concentration.  We start off with around ten items in the box, if you are playing this game at home with your child, adapt the number of items to suit their ability. Of course the children also love to take the lead with this game and often play it independently in small groups during the morning in the classroom! This is a great opportunity for developing turn-taking skills if there are brothers or sisters at home! When you are playing at home be prepared to let them take the lead, they will want to test you too!

*Hints and tips:

*Name the items with your child as Linda sets them out on the table

*Use the pause button if your child needs longer to guess

*Give your child clues or hints if they are having difficulty naming the missing        item

*Don't forget to praise them for their efforts!

*Mostly, don't take it too seriously! Children learn through play and having fun!