Health and Well-Being!

Since our return to Greengables, we have been really focusing on the children's mental health and well-being. We all know there is nothing better than some music and physcial activity to lift our mood and help us feel good and we have been lucky enough to have some visitors to the classroom to help us out with this! 

View the videos below to see us in action!

Fitness Freddy: A workout for both the mind and body! Dance and exercise routines that promote movement, stretching and flexibility! The children really embraced this new experience which not only contributes to their physical development, but also helps to build their confidence and self esteem! The singing was also fab!

Musical Monkeys: Songs, actions, music and movement are all part of the fun the children have during Musical Monkeys! In this session the children had the opportunity to use Lummi Sticks and Castanets to help them develop their sense of rhythm from fast to slow! 

Poppin' Pilates: This was our first session with Liza! Our theme for the morning was 'The Gruffalo', we had a great aerobic workout to music followed by a calming pilates session on the floor.. How impressive are those fox poses?!