Elmer The Patchwork Elephant.... and other stories

Welcome Back Everyone! This week's Home Learning features the story 'Elmer the Patchwork Elephant', it is a story that celebrates differences and similarities in friendships. Elmer's friends love that he is so colourful and always full of fun and laughter and this is missed when he tries to look and behave the same as all the other elephants! 

There are Elmer stick puppets included in the pack for the children to retell and act out the story in their own words. The puppets can be used to talk about what makes some of the elephants the same or what makes them different (shape, size, colours). When listening to to story above, have a look at all the colours and patterns on the elephants when they dress up for 'Elephants Day', which one is your child's favourite?

Elmer is the perfect character to encourage colour recognition and there are lots of activities in your packs to support this. There is a Giant Elmer the Elephant with lots of coloured squares to decorate him with, feel free to add any other colours from paper or materials you have at  home...or even add some sequins or glitter!

The Elmer colouring in sheet in your child's pack can also be used as a template to draw around and create lots of other elephant friends for Elmer. 

There is also a colour lollipop match-up/pattern cards. This activity can be extended by encouraging your child to create their own shapes or pictures with the lollipop sticks, what can you make?  Shapes such as triangles, squares and rectangles or who can make a house or train or even a rocket! 

The colour scavenger hunt is an ideal size for your child to take either around the house or even on an outdoor walk, what can they find which is the same as the colours on the wheel? Encourage them to name the colours as they take part in all of the activities. 

It is also time to get the scissors out that the children received in their very first home learning packs(the ones in the tray)! In this week's pack, you will find the rhyme that we use in class to help the children to hold their scissors before they start cutting, say it with your child as they pick up their scissors! We have also included some items (that will suit a range of abilities) to help them get the started. Some children might like to make little snips around the plate, or cut the pages in half, while others will like to cut items out from their catalogue pages... and everyone will enjoy snipping the straws and watch it pop all over the place!

 There may be other items (usually destined for the recycling bin!) that can be used to continue the children's scissor skills such as kitchen roll tubes, cereal boxes, cartons etc or if you have any playdough at home this is also good, as it can be re -rolled and cut endless times!

We are also putting the children to work this week with their 'I am clever/I can' lists! We love to see the children's independence increase throughout the year as they become more capable of doing things for themselves and this has huge benefits for them as they continue into primary school! We can't wait to see the photos and hear how they get on!

Of course when all the hard work is over we have also included some monster match/snap cards that everyone can settle down and take part in together! Enjoy! 


Singing Hands : Elephants Have Wrinkles- Brilliant action song and rhyme to get moving to - includes Makaton