Consent Info

Permission to Administer First Aid

We do the utmost to ensure the safety of each child in our care.  However, in the case of an accident, we may need to act as guardian to your child, in the event of not being able to contact you at home or at work.  Therefore, we need you to sign a consent form, giving us permission to act on your behalf should the situation ever occur.

We may also need to administer basic first aid to small cuts or grazes and require a disclaimer form signed for this purpose, in case of any allergic reactions to plasters.

Exclusion of Sick Children

In the interests of health and safety and to avoid the spread of infection, parents are asked to follow guidelines regarding illness and the length of time a child should be excluded from preschool.  A guidance poster from social services is available to provide information.  Always ask a member of staff if you are uncertain.

By signing the consent form, you are agreeing to follow the guidelines from both social services and the preschool.

Greengables Preschool can ask a parent to remove a child from the group if it is felt the child is too ill to attend or if there is a significant risk to others.

NB.  A child suffering from vomiting, diarrhoea or both must be excluded for 48 hours.

Observation and Record Keeping

It is the policy of Greengables Preschool to record regular observations of our children.

1.  Observations will be shared with the staff team and recorded on the child's progress record.

2.  Observations will be used to assist staff to plan effectively for each individual child and to identify and build on the child's  strengths.

3.  Observations are used to help staff provide the appropriate materials and activities to meet each child's needs.

4.  All records and observations may be shared with parents.

5.  Parents will be given a written record of their child's progress at the end of the Summer term and at parent interviews throughout the year.

All observations taken will be confidential and will be shared with parents or if necessary other professionals, when appropriate.

Information about your child will be destroyed in accordance with the Data Protection Policy.


Throughout the year, we like to take photographs of the child at play.  We display these in the classroom and corridor and at the end of the year the photographs and other pieces of work are displayed in a booklet that is presented to the children.  We need consent form signed to allow us to do this.

We also have a visit from the local paper once during the year and the children's photographs will be published.

During special events in Greengables e.g. Sports Day or a visit from Santa, parents may wish to take photographs or recordings.  If you have any objection to this please inform the staff before the event.

Video Recordings

At certain events during the year we take video recordings of the children.  These will only be used in the classroom to show to the children.  Parents at these events may also wish to take video recordings and these recordings will include other children.  We need your permission to allow these recordings of your child.

Application of Sun Cream

In Greengables we aim to educate the children in the importance of protecting their skin from the sun.

We would ask that parents support this by always ensuring that their child is wearing sun protection cream when attending the preschool during the warmer weather.

If for any reason your child has no sun protection cream applied before arriving, we ask permission to apply hypo-allergenic sun cream to enable your child to play outdoors safely.

Contact with Animals

At times, the children may have the opportunity to handle animals e.g. visiting pets or farm trips.  We need your permission to allow your child to have contact with the animals.

Use of photograph on Greengables Preschool Website and Facebook Page

During the year you will be kept informed about our activities by a monthly newsletter or information display outside the classrooms.  Our website and facebook page also contains all of our up to date information and many photographs from our events.  We need your permission in include your child's photograph to use on our website and facebook page.