Amazon Smile Fundraiser! We need your help!

Can you help us fundraise with Amazon Smile? If you shop at Amazon (we know it's getting close to a certain time of year and you are an extremely organised bunch!) then you can easily help raise money for Greengables Preschool and at no extra cost to you!

Using Amazon Smile 0.5% of the cost of your purchases will go directly to Greengables once you have chosen us as your nominated charity!

There is no difference to shopping on the normal Amazon site, prices are the same and you still have the same benefits, for example, if you are signed up to Amazon Prime! Bonus!

The first time you visit the Amazon Smile site, you will be asked to sign in using your email address and password that you use for your Amazon account, you then be prompted to choose the charity that you want to support. Search for : Greengables Preschool and select us! After this you will be able to use the site as you would with Amazon, just make sure that each time you visit you are using the Amazon Smile site for us to benefit from your future purchases!

 You can use Amazon Smile on your phone, tablet or desktop and you can even download the Amazon Smile App if you are a frequent buyer! All settings will have on screen instructions of how to use when visiting for the first time!

Thankyou so much, we really appreciate your help at this time when our usual fundraising efforts are limited because of current Covid restrictions! If you have any family or friends that shop at Amazon, maybe you could also share this info with them to give our donations an extra wee boost!


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